Rules 0018


Make a Checker board with the cards and play Checkers with the cards.

Playing time of one game
30 minutes till 2 hours and more

Number of players

Age to play
8 till 99

Number of Multi Playing Cards decks

The cards
Use the cards 1 - 56

Set up
Use the black deck to make a Checkers board if you have a white table or use the white deck if you have a black table.

Sort the cards of the other deck.

Cards 1 - 40 (for black Checker pieces and white Checker pieces)

Make a Checker board with one of the color decks.
A Checkers board is a matrix of 10 x 10.

Start on the left side below with the first black field. This is the side of white.
And skip cards between a card. So you have card, table, card, tabel. etc.

Place all Checkers pieces black and white on the board and play Checkers!

Set up Checkers pieces both players
Place Checkers piece on the lowest 3 lines only on the black fields. Total 12 pieces.

Rules Checkers:

We wish you a lot of joy, combo's and gameplay with Checkers. Good luck!