Rules 0017


Make a Chess board withe cards and play Chess with the cards.

Playing time of one game
1 hour till 10 hours and more

Number of players

Age to play
8 till 99

Number of Multi Playing Cards decks

The cards
Use the cards 1 - 56

Set up
Use the black deck to make a chess board if you have a white table or use the white deck if you have a black table.

Sort the cards of the other deck.

Cards 1 - 32 (for black chess pieces and white chess pieces)

Make a Chess board with one of the color decks.
A chess board is a matrix of 8 x 8.

Start on the left side below with the first black field. This is the side of white.
And skip cards between a card. So you have card, table, card, tabel. etc.

Place all Chess pieces black and white on the board and play Chess!

Set up Chess pieces both players
Pawns - Pawns - Pawns - Pawns - Pawns - Pawns - Pawns - Pawns
Rooks - Bishop - Knight - Queen - King - Knight - Bishop - Rooks

Rules chess:

We wish you a lot of joy, combo's and gameplay with Chess. Good luck!