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Who Are You?

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Game 1

Who Are You? - I Know Who You Are

Playing time of one game
20 till 30 minuten

Number of players

Age to play
8 till 99

Number of Multi Playing Cards decks
1 - Black or White

You are inspecteur Jones. There have been a crime. And there is one witness who saw the perpetrator. Find the perpetrator by asking the witness how he or she looks like.

The cards
Use the cards 1 - 50

Set up
One player make a 5 x 5 matrix from card 1 - 25. Face up on table.
The other plater shuffle the remain cards 26-50 and makes a draw pile.

For both player in one Turn;

Draw a card.

One player starts.

The player ask the other player one questions to find out who’s on players card.
The other player tells true or false.

Then the other player ask a question to find out who’s on players card
The other player tells true or false.

And so on.

Till one player knows who’s at the other players card.
That player says “I know who you are”. and point at one of the 25 face up cards on table.
If it is right the player wins the two cards. If the player is wrong the other player wins the two cards.

Find out as quick as you can who’s on the card of the other player.

Ask questions like; Do you have a moustache, something on your head, brown color, open mouth, smile, hair, cap and so on.
And try to remember which cards are still going on.

One card is one point.

A players may not ask the same question after the question is asked. That player must first ask a different question.
A player may only say ones per round “I know who you are”. If a player did and it is wrong the player losses that rond.

If the draw pile is out of cards the game ends.

At the end. The player with the most cards is the winner.

Extra rules
Not yet.

Learn from the questions from the other player
- You can combine this game with other games on the Multi Playing Cards.

We wish you a lot of joy, combo's and gameplay with Who Are You? - I Know Who You Are. Good luck!