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Game 1

Band-It  - One Arm Bandit

Playing time of one game
5 till 10 minuten

Number of players

Age to play
8 till 99

Number of Multi Playing Cards decks
1 - Black or White

You are in a casino. You try your luck today on a one arm bandit. Wil you get the Jackpot?

The cards
Use the cards 1 - 55

There are in the game;
20 Cherrys
12 Plums
9 Bells
6 Sevens
3 Bars
5 Any symbols

Set up
Choice a dealer.
The Dealer shuffle all cards.
The dealer starts the game.

Playing clockwise.

The dealer lay down 9 cards face up on table in a 3 x 3 matrix. First 3 cards in the first row, than 3 cards in the second row and than 3 cards in the third row. Like the rolls of a one arm bandit.

The player have 3 roles now.

The player look or he hit a price.

If there are 3 same symbols in 1 of the 3 lines you have a price.

If there is a price. The player take the 3 cards and make a pile in front of the player. Face up.

After the player removes the cards. There can be a new price laying under. That price also will set a side by the player and placed in front of the player. Face up. And the dealer fills the empty field again. And so on.

If there is no price any more the player can choice;

Spin all rolles again (Dealer lay down 9 new cards on top of the cards)

Hold one role (Dealer lay down 6 new cards on top of the cards)

Hold two roles (Dealer lay down 3 new cards on top of the cards)

If the player have made a choice the player lay down one finger for every roll he wants to spin again. If he have the fingers by the rolls the player says; “Spin again” to the dealer.

And the dealer will lay down cards on top of the row cards where the fingers are.

If there is a price do the same as above.
If there is no price do the same as above.

Get 3 symbols on one line.

Not yet.

3 x Cherry = 5 points
3 x Plum = 10 points
3 x Bell = 50 points
3 x Seven = 100 points
3 x Bar = 200 points

Players don’t have to claim a price. The can play on.

No empty fields. All fields must have at least 1 card.
If there are empty fields. The dealer lay down one card on all empty fields.

If a player have a price and the cards are removed. And there are cards on all fields. The dealer don’t lay down cards.

The game ends if the dealer have no more cards and the player have nome more price.

After one game the dealer and the player change.

After the second game counts who have more points.

Extra rules
Use the double blanco card as a bad luck card. The card will do nothing.


  • Learn from the moves other player makes 
  • You can combine this game with other games on the Multi Playing Cards.

We wish you a lot of joy, combo's and gameplay with Band-It  - One Arm Bandit. Good luck!