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Game 1

Turn  - The Wind Of The Pirates

Playing time of one game
45 till 60 minuten

Number of players
2 till 6

Age to play
6 till 99

Number of Multi Playing Cards decks
1 deck - No fee cards only fee by making a compass.
2 decks - Black and White. Play the whole game.
4 decks - 2 x Black deck and 2 x White deck for more players or more game time.

The cards
Use the cards 1 - 56

Yoho Captain Pirate… There is a heavy storm coming and your must course your pirate ship "The Wind Of The Pirates” trough have seas. You yell to your crew; All Hands on deck. North, East. The crew will help you out but only if they get payed. But than in a unexpected moment the wind Turns. Your ship course to the rocks… Your navigator who make compasses for extra fees shouts “Turn”.  So you turn all your maps so you can choice the right direction for your ship and your crew. If you survive this storm you and your crew will be payed by all the fee you all have earned on this journey at sea. But there can only be one King Captain Pirate the one who gets the most fee. Will that be you? Play smart and wise and don’t be to greedy…

Play field
Make a play field from the black deck. 9 cards face down in a matrix from 3 x 3 cards.
Make a draw pile from the rest of the black cards.
Place the black draw pile on the black centre card in the matrix of 3 x 3 cards.

The black deck gives you fees when you replacing it with a wind direction cards. The white cards.

Set up
Use the white deck.
Choice a dealer.
The Dealer shuffle all cards.
Every player gets 4 cards in hand.
The dealer starts the game.

Playing clockwise.

For every player in one Turn;
1. Player may lay down one Turn card. (8 small arrows)
1. Player may lay down one wind card. (1 arrow)
2. Player must trow one card away on a discard pile.
3. Player must draw new cards till the player have 4 cards in hand.
4. End of players Turn.

(1. and 1. you may choose in any order)

Make with you crew (the other players) compleet compasses of all wind directions on top of the 8 black face down cards.

Every wind direction a crew member lay down will be payed by a fee.

The player gets the black card (where his wind card will be placed) as a fee.

The fee is on the black card at field 7.

Not yet.

The fee that a crew member earned is on field 7.
1 = 1 Golden coin
5 = 5 Golden coins
Till 500 Golden coins

A compass is 500 coins worth.
The last player who makes the compass compleet by placing the 8th and last card of all wind cards get the compass.

In the first round the first player who lay down a wind direction card determine the direction of the cards until there will be played a Turn card.

The player who makes the compass compleet becomes a Captain and gets the compass. All 8 white wind cards will be placed as one compass in front of the Captain so you can see how many compasses a Captain owns.

The Captain who get the compass makes a new matrix of 3 x 3 black cards. And placed the rest of the black pile back on the centre card. And puts all white Turn cards who where on table on top of it in the same order and position.

After this all players salut the Captain and say “RESPECT - CAPTAIN PIRATE” and the game goes on. The Captain may lay down the first wind direction card on the table and than draw the cards.

Rules Turn card
The Turn card change the wind. All cards must be placed like the Turn card. Normal or up side down. In the same direction how the top Turn card is laying on the black draw pile.

The Turn card can only be used in players own turn.

The Turn card will be placed on top of the black draw pile.

A Turn card can also be discarded from hand in any discard pile.

A Turn card can be placed in the same direction as the previous Turn card who was on table.

Laying down a Turn cards will not give that player a fee. A black card.

Only the 8 wind directions cards will give the player a fee. A black card.

Discard piles
There are 8 discard piles. The 8 wind directions. In a matrix of 3 x 3 with in the middle the white draw pile.

A discard pile becomes directly a draw pile for any player.

Every player may discard a card in any discard pile.

Every player may use any discard pile as a draw pile.

A player can also draw cards from one or more discard piles.

If the white piles are out of cards and no player have any card in hand or cant lay down any card ant more. The game ends.

At the end the Pirate who earned the most fee wins the game and is King Captain Pirate.
All player salut King Pirate and say “RESPECT - KING CAPTAIN PIRATE”

The King Captain Pirate chooses a new dealer.

Extra rules
Use the double blanco card as a no wind card. Bad luck. The card will do nothing. It can only be thrown away and picked up by an other player.

Use the discard piles for cards you need later.
- Use the discard piles to lay down the right wind direction cards. Lay Nord cards on the North discard pile. North East on the North east discard pile. And so on. Or make a other strategy.
- Place wind direction cards on your opponents cards in the discard piles.
- You can combine this game with other games on the Multi Playing Cards.

We wish you a lot of joy, combo's and gameplay with Turn  - The Wind Of The Pirates. Good luck!