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Game 1
Quintet  - Find All Same Color Muipies

Playing time of one game
1 till 5 minutes

Number of players
2 till 11

Age to play
4 till 99

Number of Multi Playing Cards decks
1 or more. Black or White.

Find all same color Muipies in the hands of the other players.

The cards
Use for 1 player 5 cards. 5 same color Muipies. Use the cards 1-5 • 6-10 • 11-15 and so on till 51-55.

Set up
Choice a dealer.
The Dealer shuffle all cards.
Every player gets 5 cards in hand.
The dealer starts the game.

The player asks a opponent; do you have a “Color name” Muipie. The opponent tells or it have or have not the card. If the opponent have the color Muipie in hand, the opponent gives the card to the player who asks. The player who ask choices and give the player a card from his hand. If asked player don’t have the color Muipie in hand the players turn ends.

It’s the next players turn. This player will do the same.

Collect Muipies of the same color. Find out where your Muipies are. Which player has your Muipies in his hand? Which Muipie give you to a player?

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All cards stay in play.
There is no draw pile.
You may only ask a color if you have that color in your hand.

If any player have 5 Muipies of the same color in hand.

If you have 5 Muipies with the same color in your hand you call: MUIPIE and you win the game.

Learn from the moves other player makes
- You can combine this game with other games on the Multi Playing Cards.

Extra rules
If you are with a few players. You can make one or more blind piles with 5 cards.
If a player ask a color Muipie to an other player and that player has not that color. The ask play may put a card on the bottom of a blind pile and draws a card from that draw pile.

We wish you a lot of joy, combo's and gameplay with Quintet  - Find All Same Color Muipies. Good luck!