Make a Roulette play field from the cards. Use an other Multi Playing Cards deck for chips and to draw numbers.

Game 1

Roulette  - Croupier And His Players


Playing time of one game
5 till 20 minuten

Number of players
1 till 6

Age to play
4 till 99

You are the Croupier in a casino and there are players on your table and other tables.

The cards
Set a side 3 cards the 2 to 1 cards. Card 38, 39 and 40.

There are number cards 0 - 36 and there are winners cards 2-1, 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, 1-18, 19-36, Even, Odd, Black and Red. And there is 1 Bank and 5 Player cards.

Set up

Choice a dealer.
The Dealer shuffle all cards.
Every player gets 5 cards in hand.
If any player have the zero card this player will change it with a new card. The zero card goos into the draw pile. The draw pile will be shuffled again.
The dealer starts the game and becomes the Bank.
That player gets the card Bank.

Player must lay down 1 card. Can be any card.
Than the player gives the card Bank to the next player.
Then the Player draws 1 card.
Its the next players turn. The next player is also the Bank.

Make the right combinations with number cards and winners cards.

Card 1 Red will match with;
- Red
- 1st 12
- 1-18
- Odd

And will not match on the other winners cards.

If you have the card 1 Red on table and the card Red you have 1 point.
If you have the card 1 Red on table and the card Black you loose 1 point.
If you have the card 1 Red on table and the card Red and the card Black you loose 0 point.


One Point
- Black
- 1-18
- 19-36
- Odd
- Even

Two points
- 1st 12
- 2nd 12
- 3rd 12

Players can lay down as many winners cards and number cards as they want.
Players can also lay down winners cards at other players.
Players may not lay down number cards by other players.
Players can also lay down a players card to an other player. If they do they make a link with that player. All winners cards from both players counts now for both players. The player and the linked player.

If any player draws the 0 The Zero that player calls “ZERO”.
All player choice the halve of there cards rond up and set it a side.
If the next card is a red card all cards will stay in the game. If the next card is a black card or a winners card the cards who were choice and set a side will be reshuffled in the draw pile. Only the bank will be saved from this event. The bank will not loose any card.

After this The zero will be set a side and is out of the game.

If the draw pile is out of cards the game ends.

At the end all numbers cards with the right and foul winners cards combinations get summed. The player with the most points wins the first game. A player who wins 3 times is the winner.

We wish you a lot of joy and gameplay with Roulette  - Croupier And His Players. Good luck!