Game 1

Color - Paint Factory Color Sorter

Get 2 sets of 4 same colors.

Set up
Choice a dealer.
The dealer shuffles the cards.
The dealer gives every player 5 cards.
The dealer makes a pile from the rest of the cards.
The dealer starts the game.

Every player MUST lay down one color card and trow one card face up away and draws two new cards from the draw pile.

Every player may start a new color.

No player may lay down a color what is al ready on table.

A player can only have 2 colors on the table and colpeet sets.

If a player can not play a new color from hand. All cards in hand will put face up away and the player draws 5 new cards. This will continu till the player can lay down a new color. If there are no more cards on the pile left the player will end his turn.

If a player draws a card that player ends his turn. That plays turn is over. The player can’t steal any rainbow on table or lay down a card or do any other move.

Rainbow Cards
There are 3 rainbow cards in play.
The rainbow card counts for every color.

Players can steel rainbow cards on table from other players if they have the right color in hand. The player lays down the right color in the set and takes the rainbow card in hand.

Players may steal all rainbow cards on table in there own turn if they can.

If a player have 4 cards on table with the same color this player have a set. The set will set a side and the player can start making a new set from two colors. So the compleet set will not count as a color any more.

A set can be 1 color card and 3 rainbow cards.
A set can be 2 color cards and 2 rainbow cards.
A set can be 3 color card and 1 rainbow card.

Draw pile
If the are no more cards on the draw pile. The cards who are trough away will be the new draw pile. The cards will not be shuffled! Just turn the pile to make it the new draw pile.

The winner
If a player have two sets of 4 same colors that player is the winner.

Extra rules you can play
If a player can draw no more cards this player may choice to shuffle and turn or only turn the discard pile to become the new draw pile.

Every player gets 4 cards instead of 5.

Every player makes 3 sets or more of 4 same colors.

We wish you a lot of joy, combo's and gameplay with Color - Paint Factory Color Sorter. Good luck!

Game 2

Color - Color Memory Runner

If you know where the color are than you get rewarded by one step forward.

Set up
Sort all colors.

You have now 13 sets of 4 same colors and 3 rainbows.

Make the play field
Set a side 1 card of each color. Face down in the middle of the table.

Shuffle all remain cards and placed them face up in a circle on the table around the face down cards.

Every player takes a Jetton and place it on one of the face up cards.

The players must have a same distance between each other. The same number of cards to the right as on the left.

Play the game
We play clockwise.

All players look at the color on the next card where there Jetton is on the table.

The first player starts by turning one card who is face down on the table. And looks at the color. If the color is the color of the next card were his Jetton is the player lay down the card at the same place in the middle face down and his Jetton wil go to the next card. This play may turn a new card and hope to find the next color of the next card where his Jetton is. And so on.

If the player turns a wrong color the player turn will ends.

The next player will do the same.

If a player have make one rond. Start till start. That player wins.

Look what colors the other players are turning

Look forward at the cards

Use the first letter of the color names for positions. Like Cyan for Centre. If its there of course. Or Rainbow Right. Or use other tricks to remember where the colors are.

We wish you a lot of joy, combo's and gameplay with the playing cards. Good luck!