Play Dice like ordinary dice games. Only you have to draw in steed of rolling.

Basic rules
If you want to play with one dice. Put only 6 Multi playing cards in the game. With the dice numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
If you want to play with one dice more put six more cards in it. Again a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and a 6.
And so on. There are 9 sets of 1 to 6 dice in the Multi playing cards deck. Also 1 blanco or 0.
So you can play all dice games till 9 dice with one deck.

Shuffle the cards really well before and after every played game. So the dice will be good mixed in the deck.

Dice games and variants

If you must set a site a dice in a game. Put also the other 5 cards from the game. Example: If the 6 is set a site for a dice game the cards with dice 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 must go out of the stock. Otherwise the remain dice is not true. 

Playing time of one game
5 till 60 minutes it depends on the game

Number of players
1 till 10

Age to play
4 till 99

Play with Dices games like
- Yahtzee
- Het masker van Amon ra (Dutch game)

We wish you a lot of joy, invent and gameplay with Dice. Good luck!

One of the possibilities to use Multiplaycards Dices.

Sort all 55 cards by the number shown on the dice.
The blanco dice is put away. So you have 6 stocks. Dice 1 to 6.
Get one card of every stock.
Now you have also a set of 6 cards. Dice 1 to 6.

Shuffle the 6 cards. Let the 6 stocks face up on the table.

Draw a card from the 6 cards.
The card shows a 5. You throw a 5.

Set a site a 5 dice card from stock 5.

Shuffle the six cards again.
Leave the 6 stocks and the 5 card set a site face up on the table.

Draw a new card from the 6 cards.
The card shows a dice 3. You 
throw a 3.

Set a site a 3 dice card from stock 3.
Now you have trow a 3 and a 5.
And so on.

Us this system to play al your favorite dice games.

Game 1

Dices - Find The Code

Set up
The dealer lay down one card face up from the draw pile.

All players look at the number on field 3.
Now the dealer draws 5 more cards and place them open/face up on the table.

Players now must make the number on field 3 withe the dice. All players may use multiply, divide, sum and subtracting with all the dice to come to the number on field 3.

The first player who knows how to get to the number shouts: Yes, I know! And shows the calculation to all players. If the calculation is right the player wins all open cards. If the calculation is false the player losses all his winning cards. All cards will be shuffled and placed op the stack.

And a new rond starts.

If there are no more cards on the draw pile the game stops. The player with the most cards wins the game.

We wish you a lot of joy, invent and gameplay with Dice. Good luck!

(If you have a great rule for Dice game 2 - Find The Code. Let us know).

(If you have a great game for Dice. Let us know).


Game 2

Dices - Thousands

Set up
Every player draws a card from the pile. And placed it face up on table in front of the player in a matrix of 9 cards. 3 x 3.
The first row counts for 100, the second row for 10 and the third row counts for 1.
So if a play placed the card with a 5 dice in the first row it will be 500, in the second row it will be 50 and the last row 5. And so on.
After all players have 9 cards on table all rows will be count. The player who is the most closed to 1000 is the winner.

Extra rules
If you are over the 1000 the player will loose.
You may chance one time two cards.